We Got Your Food for the Paleo Challenge!

Live it up! The Paleo Challenge is beginning and to make your lives easier, CrossCuisines has your meals ready for delivery!

We are all about convenience and quality, orders need to take place Tuesdays and Saturdays BEFORE 6pm and they will be delivered to your desired location. You can check out our LOCATIONS PAGE and pick which spot suits you!

You can also email us at crosscuisines@gmail.com with any questions and we will get back to you.

Look awesome, feel awesome and eat awesome! You don’t want the hassle of cooking Paleo; you want the ease of eating and enjoying, which allows more freedom!

Here are just some of the ailments our healthy Paleo diet has been proven to help:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • obesity
  • arthritis
  • some mental illnesses


Worked out at LAX Crossfit this morning!

This is what eating Paleo style can do for you at any age baby! Working out hard Teresa, 60, believes in what she does and is the living proof! At 60 years old she is free from imbalances and ailments.

Strong as can be, the Paleo Diet that Cross Cuisines is all about is NOT a trend it is a lifestyle! One that can aid those with medical, such as coronary heart disease and weight loss.

The best part is we deliver right to your medical facility, gym, or Crossfit! Who doesn’t want a personal chef who delivers ;)!

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